Friday, January 22, 2010


great afternoon to begin my entry for the real leaf contest. Got my digi cam, bottle of real leaf and my model free lancer no talent fee little pussy.. cat. im full of enthusiasm shooting my concept but my untrain cat gives me a hard time taking the shots, running hir running there. Dawn is nearing i becoming more impatient. so i pulled my cat and give him a talk " Juz give me one goood shot, juz one only." wishing my cat will understand me but my cat looks like if he can only talk, he's probably cursing me. As the sun sets, im tired and no credible shots, i juz call it a day.
Next day planning to continue the unfinished photo shoot, its not a great afternoon as i face horror when i saw security guards and our household boys in our backyard shouting!.i wonder whats happening and to my surprise, they are pulling out in our drainage a 12ft large python!! Boy! its like watching animal planet !! the scene sent shivers to my spine but instead of horror, first thing came into my mind, this is an opportunity! thanks to real leaf green tea that i drank this morning for fast thinking. i rushed to get my digi cam and the bottle of real leaf. without hesitation i bravely put the bottle in the ugly python since his mouth was taped i position him and took the shot like austin stevens the guy from the animal planet, it was great yet frightening.never thought the predator will be the star of real leaf .